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    Owners, Stephanie Tanner


    Find a CoachHow you manage borrowing will often dictate how fast you grow, how stable you become and how long you can sustain it. Borrowing is a fact of business life - having a financial partner who helps you manage the tap in a collaborative way is a huge asset.

    Operating Lines of Credit

    The operating line of credit (LOC) is a revolving loan disbursed in multiples of your choice into your operating account to meet your cash flow requirements. The LOC is normally repaid as the business generates cash flow. While the loan is repayable on demand, there is no fixed repayment schedule except for interest, which is due and payable each month.

    Term Loans

    You can borrow for terms from one to ten years. We offer flexible repayment terms including fixed and variable interest rates.


    Similar to an operating line of credit, but for smaller needs. Businessline is essentially a personal line of credit attached to your business' current account. Authorized overdrafts give you peace of mind that your account won't be overdrawn. Funds may be used by business owners or farmers for any purpose.