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    Owners, Frank Hivert

    Commercial Mortgages

    Find a CoachIt seems banks get in and out of the commercial mortgage business as the wind blows. At Libro, we're into the owner service and partnering business. If that includes a commercial mortgage, we're here to help.

    Commercial mortgages are available for the purchase of land, buildings and for renovations and additions. Features include:

    • Mortgages are available as a first or second mortgage (the second mortgage rate is based on your equity)
    • Various fixed-term rates are available from six months to 10 years so you can match your payment schedule to your income and cash flow
    • Pre-approved mortgages are available with a 60-day interest rate guarantee
    • All transactions are reported on regular statements
    • Mortgage terms are portable and can be transferred to a new mortgage on a new property
    • Progressive disbursements are available - you can take the money as you need it