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  • What do Account Managers do?

    At Libro, the role of an Account Manager is to help you seize opportunities or meet the challenges of running your business or farm.

    We get involved - we offer genuine advice based on years of helping other businesses. We stick with you - we don't shift people unnecessarily. We base decisions on character as much as we do on numbers. We earn our role as trusted partners.

    Then we offer the banking products and services you need. It's that simple. It's that personal and tailored. And it's local.

    Very local.

    At the end of every day, one fundamental truth separates Libro commercial banking from everyone else. We believe your business impacts the economic well-being of the communities we serve throughout southwestern Ontario. So it becomes very clear early on that we want you to succeed.

    That's what Libro Account Managers help you do.

    Additional Resources

    • Commercial Mortgages - At Libro, we're into the owner service and partnering business. If that includes a commercial mortgage, we're here to help.
    • Loans - Borrowing is a fact of business life - having a financial partner who helps you manage the tap in a collaborative way is a huge asset.
    • Services - Libro offers just more than products - we offer advice and solutions for many of your business needs.