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    Owners, Karl & Amy Allen-Muncey


    Find a CoachLibro was started by business and agricultural entrepreneurs in 1951. Since then, we've helped thousands of business people navigate the good years and the tough years and everything in between. We've seen good decisions and helped business owners get out of jams. We've stretched with our owners and sometimes even helped them pull back a little.

    We're as close to small business as anyone in banking will ever get. And we happen to be right next door to you.

    So when a Libro Account Manager offers advice, it isn't just a pitch to sell you more credit. It is genuine, experience-based, collective and collaborative expertise gained through years of being great partners to your neighbours.

    Libro business advice is practical, worldly and foundational for most of our commercial owners. It's still about owning your life - that's usually why we start businesses in the first place.

    Here are a few of the tools we use to focus our discussion. Better yet, let's just grab a cup of coffee and we'll talk things over.